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Re-decking timber flat and pitched roofs

The Flat Roof Recovery Company can rebuild the deck of your flat roof. A process known as re-decking. The deck is a layer of plywood, or similar material that is secured to the roof joists as a secure surface over which the roof insulation and any roof membranes are installed. The deck can become damaged for many reasons, including structural movement and, most commonly, ingress of water that has caused the deck to loose its structural integrity. This may cause the deck to sag between the roof joists, causing ponding and leaking.

The Flat Roof Recovery Company uses Tor Coatings liquid waterproofing products to create a 100% waterproofed finished roof.

Click on any of the images below for more examples:

Porch prior to refurbishment by Flat Roof Recovery Company.

Timber porch primed & waiting for Topcoat.

Detail of finished, fully waterproof, timber porch.

A timber cabin roof being primed.

Primed timber roof ready for topcoat.

The finished, fully waterproofed, timber flat roof.


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