Metal Flat Roof Repair & Recovery

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Zinc, aluminium, galvanised steel flat roof repair and encapsulation

The Flat Roof Recovery Company uses Tor Coatings Elastasealâ„¢ to repair and recover metal flat roofs. We can fully encapsulate all metal substrates, saving you the cost of a potentially expensive re-roof.

Click on any of the images below for some examples of metal flat roofs recovered by The Flat Roof Recovery Company:

Corrugated, galvanised iron sheets have been traditionally used as a light weight and durable roofing material for commercial flat roofing applications.  In more recent times new, modern metal roofing materials such as copper, zinc, stainless steel and, most commonly, aluminium sheeting are often used to fulfil the same purpose, to cover a large area where the covering materials strength to weight ratio, and design flexibility, is of the utmost importance.

Metal roof prior to refurbishment with Tor Coatings’ liquid waterproofing system.

Application of pink primer coat.

Completed metal roof after application of the Sealoflex system.

Problems with your metal flat roof?

The Flat Roof Recovery Company can repair and recover the following types of metal flat roof:

Corrugated galvanised steel roofs

Zinc, aluminium and silicon-coated steel roofing

Metal tile sheets

Stainless steel roofing

Aluminium roofing

Copper flashings and guttering

Alloys are frequently used for metal roof coverings as the industry strives to produce materials with improved resistance to wear and tensile strength Modern metal flat roof coverings can be immensely durable, with many companies giving warranties of up to 25 years.

Some drawbacks to metal flat roofing:

Thermal movement can be a problem on badly laid roof metal flat roof as most metals are very good conductors of solar radiation

Corrosion can also be a problem, caused by the improper use of incompatible metals

Metal roofs, Aluminium for instance, can be very expensive to re-roof like for like

Metal roofs often have protective coatings that need replaced regularly when they wear away


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