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Flat roofs, like pitched roofs, have a limited lifespan.  Wear and tear due to weather damage and just general material degradation eventually causes small flaws to turn into big problems.  So when a flat roof has reached the end of its serviceable life, has prematurely failed and is in too bad a condition to make maintenance an option, you are faced with two options: repair or overlaying of the flat roof or a complete replacement of the roof covering.

An overlay or a repair of a flat or pitched roof means the careful application of a new covering over the existing roof membrane.  This is the case in the majority of roofing projects that we carry out. Most times the structure of the existing flat roof is sound, it is just that the roofing membrane has come to the end of its useful life.

Domestic Recovered Roof Repair
Domestic Recovered Roof Repair
Domestic Recovered Roof Repair
Domestic Recovered Roof Repair

Recovered – kitchen/utility room extension – Picture shows new timber fascia boards supplied & installed together with TOR Coatings Elastaseal Z Waterproofing System supplied & installed to roof deck.  Previously, mineral roofing felt roof.

The latest liquid roofing products

At The Flat Roof Recovery Company we use 3M and Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ built-up liquid waterproofing systems, both high quality, reliable products that are built to last. Overlaying is always the first option The Flat Roof Recovery Company will consider. 

Recovery or repair of a flat roof is preferable in terms of time and cost, being a significantly quicker process and cheaper than a replacement flat roof. Use the buttons to the right to read more and see examples of some of The Flat Roof Recovery Company’s recent recovery projects where we have overlayed a variety of different substrates including felt and asphalt flat roof repairmetal flat roof repair and finally repair of a lead flat roof.

Why is my flat roof leaking?

Just some of the reasons that a flat roof may leak include:

Poor quality workmanship during the initial build.

with a shoddily constructed roof than not covered with proper regard to the roof covering manufacturer’s guidelines.

Settlement or sagging due to the construction material.

Timber, for instance, settling over time, meaning that the roof now bows allowing significant amounts of water to pool on the roof. Pooling will mean that water can encroach through the smallest of holes in the flat roof surface.

Damage due to wear.

Flat roofs, and particularly waterproofed balconies, are often walked on or used to store equipment. Heavy use or use without taking due care, can lead to tearing of the flat roof covering allowing water ingress.

Badly constructed flashings.

This may include incorrect and unprofessional use of materials or perhaps poor quality finishing, with flashings not being made flush with the any adjoining wall surfaces.

Poor quality initial design.

This can include insufficient drainage or an inadequate fall, , (flat roofs should have an gradient of at least of at least 1-in-80) which may again causing significant water pooling.

Issues with maintenance.

Flat roofs need inspecting for damage regularly so that any potential problems can be caught early.

Degeneration of the flat roof surface due to time.

All coverings have a limited lifespan and, over time, even a perfectly constructed flat roof will degrade. Metal rusts felt and asphalt will eventually crack due to solar gain. This is why The Flat Roof Recovery Company offers an insurance backed guarantee on every flat roof they repair, refurbish or replace.

Accidental roof damage.

A flat roof may be damaged by adverse weather conditions or by other accidental means, for example by overhanging branches from nearby trees.


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