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Repair your leaking felt roof using the latest, built up waterproofing

Felt roofing is sometimes also called “torch on felt”, “mineral felt”or even “torch on flat roofing”. The use of rolled mineral felt for flat roofing stretches back to the late 50’s and early 1960’s.  During the later years of the last century felt became by far the widest used product for domestic flat roofing jobs.  Felt roofing is, perhaps, the easiest flat roof covering to apply and can, if used correctly, be a useful and cheap solution to your flat roof problems.  All too often though felt flat roofs are badly constructed and manage to maintain their integrity for only a small portion of their optimum life span.

Felt roof prior to refurbishment with Liquid Waterproofing.

Felt roof after refurbishment with Liquid Waterproofing.

Felt roof after refurbishment with Liquid Waterproofing.

Problems with felt flat roofs

At The Flat Roof Recovery Company we have rebuilt, repaired and recovered more felt flat roofs than any other roofing material.  Badly installed felt roofing is prone to numerous problems including mould growth, cracking, bubbling and being particularly prone to problems when ponding occurs. Cracks and bubbles are caused by the effect of alternate heating and cooling by the sun and exacerbated by the expansion of freezing water in the winter.

At the Flat Roof Recovery Company we use the latest built up waterproofing systems to repair your felt roof. If at all possible we will use liquid waterproofing to fully encapsulate your old flat roof surface, saving you time and money. Of course, as we are experts in the construction of all manner of flat roofs If necessary we can tear off your old roof covering or rebuild your roofs supporting structure to make sure your flat roof problems are completely solved.


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