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Leaking Lead flat roofs repaired using the latest liquid roofing technology

Lead is a very expensive roofing material, and the costs involved in repairing a full lead flat roof, like for like, can be astronomical. Even replacing lead flashings and guttering can have an eye watering effect on your home finances. So what to do if your lead roof, or lead flashings or gutters are degraded and leaking?

At the Flat Roof Recovery Company we use the latest Tor Coatings waterproofing system to create a fantastic, hard wearing replacement for your degraded lead roof or roof detailing.

The latest liquid roofing technology can be made to seamlessly blend in to your old lead roof, creating an attractive, lead like finish that is also incredibly hard wearing and built to last. We have the skills to repair any type of lead roof structure and can encapsulate even the largest lead roof without the need for tear off of the old covering. Give us a call, or drop us a line using the contact form on the right and see how we can help you repair, rather than replace your old flat roof.

Click on any of the images below to see examples of our work repairing lead flat roofs:

Pink primer coat applied directly to a lead flat roof.

Finished, fully waterproofed, lead flat roof.

Corner detail of lead flat roof after application of liquid waterproofing.


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