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Liquid roofing systems involve the protection of a roof structure against all weather conditions by means of a fluid applied material, which solidifies to form a seamless waterproof barrier. They are fast track, versatile, reliable and easily maintained. Liquid coatings are popular for refurbishment of roof structures.

They can be applied over the existing roof covering, avoiding the need to strip the roof. Liquid systems are particularly useful where access is restricted or where a building is too sensitive to remove the existing roof covering. Liquid Membranes have many benefits: Seamless protection Contain UV protectors and are therefore highly resistant to sunlight Can be applied over existing roof structure - therefore no need for stripping the roof Reduced risk of surface blistering, as the liquid membranes are vapour permeable.

Anti-slip and colour-defined walkways/areas can be easily produced. Insurance companies and local authorities are pressing to outlaw flame and molten bitumen on health and safety grounds. Alternatives to traditional flat roofing are becoming essential. One such alternative are Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ Roof Waterproofing Systems.

A Liquid Flat Roof System
Liquid waterproofing used on a 1000m2 Commercial balcony waterproofing project for major finance company in Brighton
Liquid Waterproofing used for Domestic flat roof Encapsulation
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Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ Ideal for commercial and domestic flat roofing projects

Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ has been used on many domestic and industrial roofs across the UK. Repair, renewal or new-build - the Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ range of cold-applied liquid waterproofing systems provide a reliable solution for waterproofing roofs, balconies, walkways and terraces that can offer protection against leaks for up to 25 years, as certified by the leading approvals house the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ is a liquid waterproofing system that can be applied directly to most surfaces without heat. It 'cures' rapidly to form a solid, long lasting flexible waterproof membrane.

Tor Coatings Elastaseal™ - roofing systems for any season

  • Long life expectancy
  • Ease of maintenance and repair
  • No risk of joint failure
  • Compatibility to most roof substrates .
  • Cost effective waterproofing .
  • Minimum disruption during installation .
  • Aesthetic design possibilities .
  • Generally low risk application .
  • The capacity to waterproof complex details .
  • Minimal increase in load .
  • Resistance to foot trafficking .
  • Proven performance supported by guarantees.

Incredibly versatile, it can be used in the following ways:

  • As a flat roof waterproofing system.
  • To waterproof metal gutters and other box gutters. .
  • For flashings of all types.
  • As parapet wall waterproofing .
  • For sealing of joints, laps and roofing screws on corrugated metal roofs.
  • To encapsulate metal roofs. .
  • Over most existing built up roofing systems.
  • For waterproofing balconies, stairs, decks and underground structures.

If required we are able to offer fully built up roofing systems. Insulation can be provided as a fully designed tapered scheme or as a flat board which will follow the existing falls on the roof. The systems are available guaranteed for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

Benefits of liquid applied roofing systems:

Health and Safety

By using a cold applied system the risk of fire is eliminated. In addition the risk of injuring both operatives and the general public through burns is eliminated. Once in place liquid systems pass the most stringent of fire tests.

Performance and Durability

Modern liquid roof technology offers products that are excellent at standing up to the environment that we live in. Whether it's UV degradation, extreme weather conditions or chemical attack liquid roofing systems offer a proven ability to endure.

Value for Money & Environmentally friendly

Liquid roof systems offer fantastic value for money, particularly when looking at the life cycle costs of a building. We are often able to overlay existing roof substrates which is not just quick but also means we are not stripping existing coverings which reduces the amount of materials sent off to land fill sites. When the guarantee period is at an end the system requires a simple jet wash, reactivation and over coating to reinstate the guarantee.


Fantastic for use when there are protrusions, liquids are able to seamlessly seal the most complex roof and gutter details.

The system can be used on flat roofs, green roofs, pitched roofs, and gutters.

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