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We provide 3M Scotchkote liquid waterproofing flat roof solutions

Flat Roof Contactor using 3M Scotchkote Built Up, Liquid Waterproofing Flat Roof SystemThe Flat Roof Recovery Company are professional installers of cold applied liquid waterproofing systems.  One of the systems that we use is the 3M™ Scotchkote™ roofing system.

In the past flat roof repair was based around a limited core of traditional flat roofing materials. Felt, asphalt and other tar based products were the standard coverings used in the industry.  Although they served the industry well we now see that their limitations outweigh their benefits in an industry that is becoming increasingly more technologically advanced. 

Traditional flat roofing materials have a relatively short lifespan and are more prone to premature failure than modern liquid waterproofing materials. They become brittle more quickly are more prone to cracking with movement and have a low tolerance for variations in temperature. Solar gain can also be a problem promoting joint failure and material fatigue. All of this inevitably leads to the water ingress which in turn leads to innumerable other problems that are difficult and costly to rectify.

Commercial flat roof before re-cover with significant ponding
Another image showing the bad state of the balcony walk way
Mid-way through the re-cover using liquid waterproofing
Embedment coating being applied Embedment coating being applied Embedment coating being applied
Another image of the balcony mid way through completion
The finished, fully re-covered, balcony
Great results from the Tor Coatings' liquid waterproofing system
3M Scotchkote finished roof 3M Scotchkote finished roof 3M Scotchkote finished roof (detail)
Approved Liquid Waterproofing Roofing Contractor

3M™ are a global leader in roofing technology with a global reach of over 100 countries and a history that goes back over 100 years.  Scotchkote™ is their answer to the problems associated with traditional flat roof coverings. It incorporates a range of cold applied, zero heat, roofing membranes, and other roofing products.  Scotchkote™ systems come in a range of applications which can fulfill the requirements of any flat roofing job.  The one thing they have in common is that they are all seamless, weather resistant, tough barriers that will extend the life of your flat roof and give you years of peace of mind. 

For small domestic flat roofs and larger commercial roofing projects

Scotchkote is designed for both new build flat roofs and also re-roofing applications.  They can be used for simple domestic flat roof jobs or complex commercial applications that require the waterproofing of difficult roof structures such as concrete gutters, valley gutters, air vents, parapet walls and skylights. Scotchkote™ systems provide a completely seamless membrane that allows for movement in the flat roof without surface cracking, are incredibly resistant to the deterioration traditionally caused by the glare of the sun, and give thermal stability that is second to none.  Scotchkote systems are also water vapour permeable allowing flat roofs to ‘breath’ preventing condensation.

3M Scotchkote has the solution for flat roofs, whatever the weather.

Scotchkote comes in two versions:-

  • Long life expectancy improving hugely on traditional flat roof materials
  • great ease of maintenance and repair
  • Joint failure eliminated as the 3M Scotchkote systems are seamless
  • Fully compatible with most traditional flat roof substrates .
  • Liquid applied for speed and ease of application
  • A fully reinforced system for strength
  • Vastly improved reflectivity over traditional roof coverings, reducing solar gain
  • Very easy to apply on flat roof details
  • Makes a tight weatherized seal around skylights and other roof details
  • Perfect for waterproofing parapet walls
  • A seamless and fully adhered system
  • Scotchkote comes with a range of guarantees for maximum flexibility

Flexible guarantees: 3M Scothkote provides 5, 10, 15, 25 year roofing systems

3M Scotchkote systems are available guaranteed for either 5, 10, 15 or 25 years.

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We are a flat roofing contractor that provides 3M Scotchkote roofing systems. We are accredited by the following roofing & government bodies for your peace of mind:

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